2017 Toronto Fringe Preview Questionnaire: Caitlin & Eric Are Broken Up

3 Jul

06-08-2017-153628-1484Your name: Caitlin Robson

Your production: Caitlin & Eric Are Broken Up

Your role: Actor/co-writer/producer

Tell me about your show.

The play is centered on an imaginary rebound between Caitlin Robson (Karenin’s Anna, Fringe 2014; Seams, Summerworks 2015)and Eric Miinch (Behold! The Barfly! Fringe 2016; Fratwurst Comedy) In 2015, the respective actress and improviser met at an open-mic where they each told true stories from their past relationships. He liked hers. She liked his. This play is a combination of both their stories. Throughout the show, they transition between the present and their past, playing each others’ partners. Through this painfully funny encounter Caitlin and Eric explore the meaning of love, marriage and divorce, fidelity, growing up, growing out of love, and the art of moving on.

The show is directed and co-written by Toronto’s own feminist comedian, Jess Beaulieu, of the Crimson Wave Comedy and Podcast; and devised through a one-of-a-kind experiment in storytelling, improv and written sketch.

If there are any lonely hearts out there looking for a laugh, this one goes out to you!

Now again in the style of a tweet by Donald Trump.


What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

Peter ‘n’ Chris, Sex T-Rex, Shakespeare’s Ghostbusters, Diddlin’ Bibbles

This year we lost the great Jon Kaplan who was a incomparable supporter of independent theatre and a ubiquitous presence at the Fringe. Are there any thoughts, stories, or memories of Jon you’d like to share?

He was a big supporter of young artists. He was very gracious about our 2014 Fringe play Karenin’s Anna.

The world is becoming an increasingly crazy and volatile place. If you could air-drop an elite squad of theatre artists any place in the world, where would you drop them and what would their mission be?

I would air-drop all of Sesame Street into the White House to explain to Trump about world history and politics along with all the lessons he should have learned as a child.

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