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Preview: Brit Floyd – Discovery World Tour (at the Sony Centre)

2 Apr

discovery2014_200While some may scoff at the idea of cover bands and preemptively dismiss them as second rate wannabes, the truth is that the very best tribute artists are tremendous showmen and musicians in their own right who just happen to specialize in performing other artists’ work. Toronto’s Classic Albums Live has made it’s mark as a top notch nod to the best of rock and roll performed by and for purists of the genre.

Another less local example is Brit Floyd – billed (and with good reason) as the world’s greatest Pink Floyd show. Not only does this English ensemble perfectly capture the operatic prog-rock essence of Pink Floyd’s nearly 30-year recording career, but they also put on a damn fine show; a massive circular projection screen displays imagery borrowed from Pink Floyd’s legendary library of film projects and album covers, and a dazzling lighting array adds a sheen to the overall production value. It may not be Pink Floyd, but it’s certainly the next best thing and an absolute treat for any Pink Floyd fan.

Brit Floyd has a one night only engagement at the Sony Centre on Tuesday April 8th. Tickets are selling quickly, but there are still a handful left. Grab them while you can! More info here.