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Luminato Preview: Ronnie Burkett’s ‘The Daisy Theatre’

14 Jun

Luminato, the first and one of the largest of the season’s major arts festivals, opens tonight! Those with a voracious cultural appetite can look forward to full slate of music, dance, magic, visual arts, and theatre, courtesy of artists from the world over and much of it free!

In the category of theatre, The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic is garnering the lion’s share of attention – perhaps not surprisingly given the massive names behind the production, namely superstar director Robert Wilson, celebrated performance artist Marina Abramovic, and screen legend Willem Dafoe. That being said, those familiar with the Canadian theatre landscape would be well advised not to miss The Daisy Theatre by marionette artist extraordinaire, Ronnie Burkett.

Burkett is virtually a one man theatre company – he writes and performs his shows, handcrafts his marionettes and their costumes, and designs his own sets. This is why it`s so intriguing that as part of `The Daisy Theatre` he will be performing short playlets by ten Canadian playwrights written specifically for his ensemble of 30 marionettes. It will no doubt be the first time that words from a mind not their creator`s will pass through `their lips`. More fascinating still is the historical background that inspired this production – that of the underground puppet theatres that served to offer a voice of resistance to the Nazis in occupied Czechoslovakia.

Burkett tackled related material over a decade ago in Tinka’s New Dress, so those particularly familiar with his work will no doubt find even more to mull over in contemplating how his treatment of the subject matter has evolved.

For tickets and more information about The Daisy Theatre, head over here.