Summerworks Preview Questionnaire: Plucked

30 Jul

Plucked-400x600Your Name: Rachel Ganz

Your Production: Plucked

Your Role: Writer

Tell me a bit about your show: Plucked is about a farm where women turn to chickens and men farm their eggs. It experiments with comedic absurdities and music balanced with a dramatic narrative riddled with truths, weaving in the audience’s involvement while keeping them a little afraid. The show questions the female relationship to fear as it toys with our minds, bodies and family lives.

What else are you excited to see at this year’s festival? 4 1/2 ignoble truths by Thomas Mchecknie and Adam Lazarus’ Daughter are my two must sees.

One of the great challenges of the independent performing arts is arguably to reach and engage the general public. If logistics and budget weren’t a consideration, what would be the craziest scheme you could think of to attract new theatre-goers?

I’d use social media to write a play throughout the city, implementing various institutions as site specific destinations for “events” or shows. It’d almost be like Pokemon Go but it’d be the entire city implemented in a fictional drama, carried by Facebook personalities. I’ve written a small Facebook play once before (Engaged, September 2015) but I often fantasize about making it bigger, drawing in young crowds who are implemented off site beforehand.

Summerworks pieces are often socially and politically minded. If you had to write a musical about Donald Trump but could not include any part of his name in the title, what would it be called?

This Ending Won’t End

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