2018 Toronto Fringe Preview Questionnaire: Anywhere

3 Jul

Your name: Michael Ross Albert

Your production: Anywhere and The Grass is Greenest at the Houston Astrodome

Your role: Playwright (and co-producer of Anywhere)

Tell me about your show.

Anywhere is a new drama that begins when a young businesswoman returns to her AirBnB to find that her host, a vodka-toting single mom, is waiting up for her. What starts as a cordial relationship between two strangers steadily escalates into a tense, life-altering confrontation.

The Grass is Greenest at the Houston Astrodome is a play that premiered in the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival, and is included in “Best American Short Plays 2014-2015.” It’s a comedy about a group of struggling visual artists at a struggling art gallery, wrestling with creative frustrations, identity crises, sexual entanglements, and general urban millennial ennui.

You’ve been commissioned to write a musical about the events of 2018 so far. What is it called, and what’s your elevator pitch?

The musical is called Jared and Ivanka Sit Shiva. It’s an absurdist comedy about a very wealthy couple observing traditional Jewish mourning customs for a deceased megalomaniac family patriarch. As the couple sits shiva with their extended family at a golf course in Florida, they are forced to face their own complicity in the dead man’s wrongdoings– actions that have led to large scale unhappiness and unrest. Over the course of the week, secrets are revealed, songs are sung, marriages disintegrate, families are reunited, and we, the audience, will collectively mourn the loss of society’s sanity, while looking forward hopefully to a time of healing.

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

I have a very long list of shows that I want to see, and really hope I can make it out to all of them. They are: Prank by Daniel Pagett; Cheri, which stars the formidable Theresa Tova; Enjoy the Hostilities created by Robin Black and Graham Isador; The Howland Company and Bad Dog Theatre’s Entrances and Exits; Ciaran Meyers’ Hamburger; Wes Berger’s First Dates; Rachel Ganz’s The Queen’s Eulogy; Crave by Sarah Kane, featuring the great Wayne Burns; Police Cops in Space; Space Hippo; Briana Brown’s Robert; Natalie Frijia’s Bikeface; and Theatre Brouhaha’s Featherweight by Tom McGee

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