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Fringe Fest Review: The Tiki Bikini Beach Paradise Party A-Go-Go

9 Jul

One of the best things about the Fringe is the fact that frothy and entertaining escapism is celebrated with as much vigour and enthusiasm as any staid and straight faced drama. A perfect example of this is Allison Beula’s outrageously retro The Tiki Bikini Beach Paradise Party A-Go-Go which sends up the 1960s surf movie genre with so much up-beat energy and musical prowess that it is impossible not to leave the theatre tickled to the core.

The story is so utterly (and appropriately) inconsequential but earnestly played that it only adds to the appeal of the show. A gang of groovy teens want to celebrate the end of summer by throwing a party on Bikini Beach but are denied the privilege by leather-clad beach bully The Big Tuna. The solution to the sandy stand-off? A surfing contest of course.

A cast packed with comedic and vocal talents bring Beula’s lovingly and hilarious corn-ball script to life while surf-rock band the Von Drats provide a live and authentically vintage soundtrack. The show’s strongest element is its musical numbers which are not only incredibly catchy but colourfully choreographed too.

The Tiki Bikini Beach Paradise Party A-Go-Go is kitschy, campy, and an undeniable crowd-pleaser.