Summerworks Preview Questionnaire: Trompe La Mort, or Goriot in the 21st Century

29 Jul

Trompe-La-MortorGoriotinthe21stCentury-400x600Your Name: Anthony MacMahon

Your Production: Trompe La Mort, or Goriot in the 21st Century

Your Role: Writer

Tell me a bit about your show: An anarchist holds the world’s secrets on a hard drive. Developers try and disrupt stagnant markets, missed connections, and freedom of speech. A venture capitalist finds his profit in the rubble. Trompe La Mort is a digital age thriller that explores what happens when your work life, relationships, and ideas are reduced to data processed in an app. It’s a visual extravaganza. It’s an auditory feast. It’s a debate for and about the end of history. The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.

What else are you excited to see at this year’s festival? 4 1/2 ignoble truths, Osia, Naked Ladies, Plucked, The Unbelievers. And more that I’m sure I forgot. When it comes to seeing Summerworks shows, I’ll attend a Chua’s dozen.

One of the great challenges of the independent performing arts is arguably to reach and engage the general public. If logistics and budget weren’t a consideration, what would be the craziest scheme you could think of to attract new theatre-goers?

It’s a three part marketing strategy, inspired by the show. 1) Mine the metadata of thousands of Torontonians to see which of them would be most interested in the show. 2) Send an Uber to potential audience members. 3) Fill the Factory theatre with Pokemon lures. (That’s how Pokemon go works, right?)

Summerworks pieces are often socially and politically minded. If you had to write a musical about Donald Trump but could not include any part of his name in the title, what would it be called?

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House. There’s a patter song called China. There’s an aria called The Art of the Deal. And the first act finisher is called Build The Wall.

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