Summerworks Preview: Young Drones

8 Aug

9519426951_17ed6d8fd5_o-620x500Your Show: Young Drones

Your Name: Dana Snell

Your Role: Performer

Tell me about your SummerWorks show:

Meet the spectacular new products of military intelligence: two highly advanced drones who will serve and protect mankind (well, protect the oil anyway). Be present at their historic unveiling! Watch while they use their top-of-the line programming to…fall in love? Feel empathy? No, the experiment has gone out of control! The drones must be captured before they escape beyond our reach. Time to search and destroy.

Now do it as a Haiku:

Made to protect oil
We now are learning to love
Man is not ready

What else are you looking forward to at the festival this year?

Weaves Through Time, Do I Have to Do Everything My Fucking Self?

The best thing about the Toronto theatre scene?

Maggie MacDonald

A Hypothetical: A week before the municipal election, a strange parasite contaminates the Toronto drinking water system, turning the vast majority of citizens into narrow-minded zombie-boobs with a pathological hatred of streetcars, and Rob Ford is shockingly re-elected for another four year term. What is your artistic response?



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