Summerworks Preview: romanceship

8 Aug

rsz_hero_dbi_black_beauty_by_wade_hudson_high_res-620x500Your Show: romanceship

Your Name:  Cliff Cardinal

Your Role: Poet

Tell me about your SummerWorks show:

When Dave, the drug and sex addicted fraudster & Madly, the bulimic and klepto chef break up (and get back together) Madly dubiously announces she’s pregnant. Dave careens into Rochelle, the transgender crack addict, and the two begin the most enveloping love affair since cocaine met baking soda.

What else are you looking forward to at the festival this year?

Esther Jun has another show- And Now, The End. I’m gonna check that out.

The best thing about the Toronto theatre scene?

Does Daniel McIvor still live here?

The worst thing about the Toronto theatre scene?

Nothing, you guys are great. Please hire me?

A Hypothetical: A week before the municipal election, a strange parasite contaminates the Toronto drinking water system, turning the vast majority of citizens into narrow-minded zombie-boobs with a pathological hatred of streetcars, and Rob Ford is shockingly re-elected for another four year term. What is your artistic response?

I’m going to kidnap sean dixon and lock him in my basement until he agrees to write a play with me. Have you seen Misery? It’s going to be like that but with more weird sex stuff.


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