2019 SummerWorks Preview Questionnaire: Gender Reveal Party

11 Aug

Your name: Nour Abi Nakhoul

Your production: Gender Reveal Party

Your role: Actor

Tell me about your show.

Gender Reveal Party is a creative subversion of its namesake; an interactive garden party environment featuring a rotating cast of different trans and non-binary people who perform short pieces about their gender, to applause and cheers from the audience.

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

I’m excited to see other shows in the Summerworks Lab series, for a rare chance to see productions that are still in the process of blooming. Specifically I’m excited to see emerging productions from folks from marginalized communities, like other trans and disabled creatives.

What would you like to see more of in the Toronto performing arts environment?

I’d like to see less white, cisgender, ‘heteroflexible’ men dominate the arts.

Campaign advertising for the upcoming federal election is replaced by one-person Fringe shows performed by the party leaders. Tickets are free so you can attend any show without necessarily being a supporter of the performer or their party. Whose show do you go see, what is it called, and what is the show about in a nutshell?

I feel like Trudeau would have a sad-clown act titled “Please be Nice to Me”, where he tries to draw pity from the audience by pouting and acting disconsolate. It obviously doesn’t work, and the show culminates in the audience members abandoning the theatre while muttering in audible frustration.

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