2019 SummerWorks Preview Questionnaire: Footnote Number 12

9 Aug

Your name: James Long

Your production: Footnote Number 12

Your role: Co-Writer/Performer

Tell me about your show.

This monologue for two people, an actor and a sound designer, asks you to observe a creature — a creature whose voice is being repeatedly modulated through digital means — try to reconcile a 13-year-old piece of writing with their conflicted contemporary condition. It’s an exhaustive and meandering task that questions how much a shifting social context should influence the reading of the written word.

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

Child-ish, Audible Shows from Rockwood and Bonjour Hi.

What would you like to see more of in the Toronto performing arts environment?

I’m from Vancouver and not really in a discerning position, so how about more Ford brothers? We find that tragi-comedy endlessly entertaining on the West Coast.

Campaign advertising for the upcoming federal election is replaced by one-person Fringe shows performed by the party leaders. Tickets are free so you can attend any show without necessarily being a supporter of the performer or their party. Whose show do you go see, what is it called, and what is the show about in a nutshell?

Elizabeth May’s piece called We’re all Fucked, it’s a double bill (coalition) with Justin Trudeau’s, Trust Me, I’m for Real This Time.

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