2019 Toronto Fringe Preview Questionnaire: Unbridled Futurism

3 Jul

Your name: Nick Di Gaetano

Your production: Unbridled Futurism – A Sci-Fi Comedy Rock Show

Your role: EVERYTHING. I wrote it (with my wife Teddy Ivanova who is also the Stage Manager and Voice of Mission Control), wrote the music, worked on the arrangements, made the props, edited the videos, organized the rehearsals, filled out the forms, coordinated the band and designers, made myself sick, had a panic attack, thought about quitting, resolved to do the show.

Tell me about your show.

It’s a wacky adventure through the multiverse with music and video and strange characters and genocidal raccoons who use iPhones. Eat Trash Do Murder.

Campaign advertising for the upcoming federal election is replaced by one-person Fringe shows performed by the party leaders. Tickets are free so you can attend any show without necessarily being a supporter of the performer or their party. Whose show do you go see, what is it called, and what is the show about in a nutshell?

I’d see Andrew Scheer’s show cuz it would be about how different he is from Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau but he would just end up showing everyone how bereft of personality and ideas he is. He would officially call the show “I Love Canada” (or some other totally pablum thing) but all the people who saw it and the critics would call it “Scheer-denfreude”. It would be an awful show but people would be killing themselves laughing and then he wouldn’t understand what makes it so funny and the harder he tried, the worse it would get, and the more people would laugh and buy tickets. A real “Springtime for Hitler” kind of thing.

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

I’m gonna check out Anesti Danelis “Six Frets Under” (I remade a hip-hop track for him this year and I think his tunes are great), Death Ray Cabaret (I met Jordan and Kevin in Edinburgh last year and we’ve been pals since and they write super funny tunes) and Alli Harris’ “High School High” (I know Alli from Ottawa and she is a bona fide star and amazing singer and very funny). Basically I just see things that have comedy and music in them but ARE NOT musicals (sorry to musical theatre people – I just can’t stand that stuff).

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