2019 SummerWorks Preview Questionnaire: Worry Warts

11 Aug

Your name: Julie Tepperman

Your production: Worry Warts

Your role: Creator/Director

Tell me about your show.

Worry Warts is a giant experiment! We invite people to our “Worry Depot” to ANONYMOUSLY talk about their worries and anxieties in a one-one-one encounter with a “Keeper” – a friendly stranger – who will ask them questions and record the conversation so it can transcribed. Excerpts of all 300 transcriptions will be shared during 6 “Audience Sharings” on the final weekend of the Festival, after just one day of rehearsal. People will also be invited to do a series of independent activities which will help contribute to the ever-evolving design of the room. We hope that people will find catharsis in making an authentic connection with a caring stranger, and also in the hearing of other peoples’ anxieties when they attend the Audience Sharing. (Their ticket gets them into both the Worry Depot and an Audience Sharing, but people can also choose to just attend one or the other.)

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

Rochdale by David Yee, CHILD-ISH by Sunny Drake, and Zuppa Theatre’s The Archive of Missing Things…that is if I can ever sneak away from the Depot!

What would you like to see more of in the Toronto performing arts environment?

More live performance in surprising locations with intimate encounters.

Assistant Director Sadie Epstein-Fine adds: I would like to see more generosity and resource sharing. I have heard the term “radical generosity” thrown around and that is something that I aspire to bring to every rehearsal room I am in and that I practice with my colleagues, whether that looks like resource or knowledge sharing, committing time when possible, or sharing information about other people’s work. My belief is that more work could be made and more people could get paid if we got better at sharing amongst ourselves.

Campaign advertising for the upcoming federal election is replaced by one-person Fringe shows performed by the party leaders. Tickets are free so you can attend any show without necessarily being a supporter of the performer or their party. Whose show do you go see, what is it called, and what is the show about in a nutshell?

Assistant Director Sadie Epstein-Fine adds: It’s hard to know which show I would go see because it would be hard to stomach Andrew Scheer’s show and watching some of the others would just be uncomfortable. So I think I would force myself to go to everyone’s show just to know what they had to say. Here are titles for what I think the shows should be:

Justin Trudeau: “Pretty Boy, Pretty Lies” OR “I <3 Obama the Musical”
Jagmeet Singh: “Bring Back Jack” OR “How Love Can Conquer All”
Andrew Scheer: “Slick Dick the Musical”
Elizabeth May: “I think I can, I think I can”

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