2019 SummerWorks Preview Questionnaire: 805-4821

10 Aug

Your name: We Quit Theatre

Your production: 805-4821

Your role: Davis Plett created and performs the show and Gislina Patterson dramaturged and directed.

Tell me about your show.

805-4821 is a trans coming out story made out of other stories: a dialogue from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a half-remembered swim lesson, and an 80,000 word Facebook correspondence. Performed using a hacked overhead projector, 805-4821 explores memory, identity, and love in an age of apocalypse. Not all men are men. Welcome to the movies!

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

We’re really excited to shows made by our friends! We can’t wait to check out The Archive of Missing Things, by Zuppa Theatre Co., and Bonjour Hi, co-created and performed by: Burcu Emeç, Michael Martini, Nien Tzu Weng and Roxa Hy. We’re excited to get to know the queer artists working in Toronto theatre, and we can’t wait to see Gender Reveal Party!

What would you like to see more of in the Toronto performing arts environment?

We’re here from out of town so we guess we’d like to see more of us!

Campaign advertising for the upcoming federal election is replaced by one-person Fringe shows performed by the party leaders. Tickets are free so you can attend any show without necessarily being a supporter of the performer or their party. Whose show do you go see, what is it called, and what is the show about in a nutshell?

Straw Man by Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, in an attempt to put a fun spin on rising temperatures, puts on a one man show about how to beat the summer heat. Perched on a throne of ice, the Prime Minister plans to enjoy a delicious strawberry milkshake. Unfortunately, due to the plastics ban, he cannot find a straw with which to drink. As he spends the entire 60 minute run time searching for a straw, the throne of ice melts underneath him, leaving our fearless leader sitting in a puddle, milkshakeless.

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