2018 SummerWorks Preview Questionnaire: The Negroes Are Congregating

8 Aug

Your name: Natasha Adiyana Morris

Your production: The Negroes Are Congregating

Your role: Playwright & Director

Tell me about your show.

The Negroes Are Congregating is a personal and contemporary piece delving into the psyche of generational internalized racism. Delivered through a fusion of spoken word, satire, and soulful dialect, audiences will enter a realm of private truths and leave with an understanding of what it means to be Black, proud, and ready.

You’ve been commissioned to write a musical about the events of 2018 so far. What is it called, and what’s your elevator pitch?

It’s called ZAMN: The Muscial.
Politically we’re in a sh*thole but ain’t nothing new under the sun, son. It can get worse but it can get better. ZAMN captures the unyielding heartbeat amidst chaos. Some call it blissful ignorance we can it survival.

We live in ever-changing times (for better and for worse). What, in the artistic community, do you currently feel there is too much of, and too little of?

I believe there are too little spaces owned AND operated by people who do not identify of being of European descent. Specifically facilities and venues. Do the research, it’s dismal.
I think there’s too much pretending. Pretending to champion diverse programming as long as it doesn’t rock the boat and fills funding quotas. Pretending to, beyond stumbling through a sheet of paper copied and pasted from the internet, acknowledge we’re on Indigenous land yet 99% of us have no idea about the tribes and/or histories we’re referencing (do the work before acting ‘woke’).

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

ZAYO by Esie Mensah – saw an excerpt a few months ago and would love to see the growth.
Third World by Diana Reyes.
The Red Horse is Leaving by Erika Batdorf.
I plan on watching at least 5 different productions.

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