2017 Toronto Fringe Preview Questionnaire: Reality Theatre

4 Aug

RealityTheatreYour name: Julia Lederer

Your production: Reality Theatre

Your role: Playwright

Tell me about your show.

It’s 8 short plays and 4 storylines in 1 hour. 

It’s a completed whole, with extractable parts. Think All in the Timing meets BlackMirror.

Many of the pieces within the collection have been produced in New York, Chicago, and Leeds, but this is the first time they will have been performed as a whole.The plays include a man who sells his soul for eternal youth and a woman who is typecast as a spoon in Beauty and the Beast. The internet evaporates. People stare at each other for entertainment while eating snacks.

So all the regular Canadian theatre themes.

It’s about people who feel stuck as the world changes rapidly around them.

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

Lots!  Pearle Habour’s Chautaqua, Let’s Try This Standing, Rootless, Divine, What Linda Said, Are We Not Horses (I’m a sucker for robot content)..  ETC.

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