2017 Toronto Fringe Preview Questionnaire: The Diddlin’ Bibbles Live in Concert

3 Jul

04-28-2017-033834-1650Your name: Dana Puddicombe

Your production: The Diddlin’ Bibbles Live in Concert

Your role: Director/co-creator

Tell me about your show.

A musical duo come to Toronto to find fame and fortune at the Fringe Festival. Can their love survive the temptations and pressures of the Fringe?

Now again in the style of a tweet by Donald Trump.

The Diddlin’ Bibbles are the Sonny and Cher of this generation. Fact.

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

I’m a first time fringer and I understand how hard it is to get the word out! There are a bunch of shows on my list that are on everyone’s list but I have some close to my heart for a few different reasons: Dear Uncle Wish and Earth Tourist are productions by fellow Newfoundlanders who I love and hope they get a great go of it; and I’ve got so many Improv and Comedy pals that are pushing the limits but if I had to pick just three, I’m excited to see Welcome to the Bunker!, Franco Nguyens first one man show and my improv brother Ross (fellow player in Abra Cadaver) has a new play The Resurrectionists.

The world is becoming an increasingly crazy and volatile place. If you could air-drop an elite squad of theatre artists any place in the world, where would you drop them and what would their mission be?

I think I’d drop them in schools. Any school, any where. If kids learn early on that they have a means to express themselves, it makes them more empathetic adults. I’d send them to all the schools… Like, a tour. All of the schools!

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