2017 Toronto Fringe Preview Questionnaire: Jay & Shilo’s Sibling Revelry

8 Jul

05-01-2017-082217-8520Your name: Justin Bott

Your production: Jay & Shilo’s Sibling Revelry

Your role: I’m lucky enough to be onstage playing the Narrator.

Tell me about your show.

Jay and Shilo’s Sibling Revelry is a fun, music-filled romp for the whole family revolving around siblings Jay and Shilo; two kids who live in a theatre populated by magical and musical creatures. Drawing on their creativity, the brother and sister duo use their strengths to help their friend Tallulah the fairy find her bravery and take centre stage.

Now again in the style of a tweet by Donald Trump.

These two kids… KIDS! Are on their own in a theatre and you think I’m not fit for the presidency???? Fake news! #buildawall #iloverussia

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

Uhm….geez! Off the top of my head, the cast and creative team behind Maddie’s Karaoke is pretty stacked. Barbara Johnston is brilliant. And lets not forget that Kelly Holiff, Erica Peck and Jeigh Madjus only have one speed: BROADWAY!

The world is becoming an increasingly crazy and volatile place. If you could air-drop an elite squad of theatre artists any place in the world, where would you drop them and what would their mission be?

Place: Any Refugee Camp
Mission: to bring joy & hope to every man, woman and child.
That or…
The Oval Office to retrieve all of the Presidents DRAFT Tweets. There has got to be enough material there for 5 plays, 3 musicals and his impeachment. No?

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