2017 Toronto Fringe Preview Questionnaire: Hands Down

3 Jul

04-28-2017-185544-4092Your name: Stephanie Jung

Your production: Hands Down

Your role: Co-Producer

Tell me about your show.

From Warren P. Sonoda, director of Trailer Park Boys, This Hour has 22 Minutes, & Coopers’ Camera comes his first play since… 1992 high school English class. HANDS DOWN is a twisted comedy about ambition, endurance, and finding out what really matters… after holding onto a car for 100 hours. As four contestants hunker down to win a vehicle, truths, secrets and an occasional supernatural power are revealed that jeopardize each of them from winning. Everyone has a limit, but sometimes you don’t know it until you’ve crossed it. Like writing a new play after 25 years.

Now again in the style of a tweet by Donald Trump.

The BIGGEST car contest in history? I’ll be the winner! Everyone else is a loser. Covfefe

What other shows or artists are you looking forward to seeing?

Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control the Fun, Soaring in Liquid Skies, Ten Creative Ways to Dispose of Your Cremains, 13 Ways the World Ends, Dear Uncle Wish, Roommate Agreements

This year we lost the great Jon Kaplan who was a incomparable supporter of independent theatre and a ubiquitous presence at the Fringe. Are there any thoughts, stories, or memories of Jon you’d like to share?

Oh Jon. I have so many stories but one of the top ones involves the Fringe. I used to House Manage at a Fringe venue and Jon was on my media list. I knew about Jon Kaplan before we even officially met. When he came to pick up his media ticket, I was grinning like a fool and we started chatting about theatre and life. When Jon came to my venue again the next day to catch a show, we started chatting again. I mentioned that I was hoping I would have a chance soon to grab some food as I was starving, but my venue was pretty busy. Without missing a beat, Jon offered my half his sandwich. I declined but I remember thinking that this man barely knows me but he just offered me some of his lunch! I miss his twinkling smile.

The world is becoming an increasingly crazy and volatile place. If you could air-drop an elite squad of theatre artists any place in the world, where would you drop them and what would their mission be?

Oh….the options….I would drop them into any major Canadian city and ask them to create a show with a diverse team of artists and no stereotypes in the plot. The world is in transition outside of Canada but let’s explore the problems we have here and talk about them. Let all artist constantly ask questions about the world we live in.

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