Preview Questionnaire: Life Records

19 Aug

tumblr_inline_oaz5x84IRf1re4fig_540Last year, writer, comedian, and story-teller Rhiannon Archer caught the attention of the many with her critically-lauded Fringe show, Life Records; a musical and biographical trip through some of Archer’s most memorable life moments. Good news for those who missed it: Archer, with the support of Pressgang Theatre, is presenting a revamped edition of the show at Bad Dog Theatre. In anticipation of this remount, we had the pleasure of asking Rhiannon a few questions about her show and the themes that inform it.

Tell me a about your show.

Life Records is a comical, heartwarming and honest solo show about the songs that make their way into our life and become the “soundtrack” to our memories. This eclectic show is filled with true stories and the songs that bring them to life. From poetic revenge for a bully to merciful theft – laugh, cry, and reminisce with these classic hits from a silly life.

Do you feel the piece has evolved since your 2015 Fringe Production?

I am not sure if it has evolved but I have. When I did Life Records in the 2015 Fringe, I was 4 months pregnant. So you can imagine I am a changed person. I feel I am more relaxed and less scripted. I have learned to embrace myself and be true to myself. However, I have swapped out some stories because I feel I have more fun telling the new ones.

Why do you feel music plays such an important part of our emotional memories?

It plays an important part because music can affect your mode or tone instantly.  A melody can make you feel something faster than words I feel. And since music is everywhere and sometimes we have no control over it, I feel its a great tool to convey the randomness and silliness of life.

What’s on your playlist right now and how is it reflective of your life?

Ha ha! I really have 2 playlists going. 1) All the music that go along with my 8 month-old’s toys and 2) My son’s night time sleepy music which is Andrew Bird, Chris Bathgate, Wilco, Ella Fitzgerald……. and Raffi.

What’s your #1 guilty pleasure song?

Ugh…… Sorry by Justin Beiber. My sister in law got me hooked and ugh I just love it.

Life Records only runs three nights (August 19th, 20th, and 21st) so catch it while you can! Details are available at


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