Summerworks Preview: SEA FOAM BLUE 3

8 Aug

HERO-WIVES-Photo-6-620x500Your Show: SEA FOAM BLUE 3

Your Name: Leah Fay Goldstein of WIVES

Your Role: Co-creator/performer/real-life mermaid

Tell me about your SummerWorks show:

SEA FOAM BLUE 3 features the live art antics of Toronto/Montreal based ballsy feminist performance threesome WIVES. Task-based actions, some light guided meditation and whimsical DIY lighting techniques (mostly overhead and slide projectors) illuminate a story about loneliness, ocean fetishism, seduction, love and the commodification of women’s bodies. Our lonely-real-life mermaid searches for a mate underwater, on land, at the public swimming pool and in the depths of okCupid, revealing a cast of potential lovers that are at times hilarious and at other times just plain gross. Whatever you’re looking for be it true love, an answer, sexual satisfaction or the meaning of life, SEA FOAM BLUE 3 will rock you into existential peace.

Now do it as a Haiku:

Come see the siren
She is waiting for you here
1-1-1-5 Queen

What else are you looking forward to at the festival this year?

I can’t wait to see Regina of Light Fires in “Do I Have To Do Everything My Fucking Self?” at the Lower Ossington. I play in a band (called “July Talk”) so her and I are always running into each other but have never seen one another perform anything other than plain old rock and roll.

The best thing about the Toronto theatre scene?

Venues and spaces for weird, experimental and interdisciplinary voices like SummerWorks, the Rhubarb Festival, the Theatre Centre and Buddies in Badtimes! And Mill Street sponsorships.

The worst thing about the Toronto theatre scene?

People who piss on toilet seats and don’t laugh when something’s funny.

A Hypothetical: A week before the municipal election, a strange parasite contaminates the Toronto drinking water system, turning the vast majority of citizens into narrow-minded zombie-boobs with a pathological hatred of streetcars, and Rob Ford is shockingly re-elected for another four year term. What is your artistic response?

We’ve talked about this a lot. We’re learning to breath underwater so we can relocate to the bottom of Lake Ontario if such a thing happens. I also have a Rob Ford mask at home so we could always just kidnap the guy and parade around as him. (Have a pride flag to match it.)


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