Summerworks Preview: Animal Pharmacy: A Medicine Show

8 Aug

AnimalPharmacy_ShowImage_HighRes-Copy-500x500Your Show: Animal Pharmacy: A Medicine Show

Your Name:  Greg Janssen

Your Role: Writer/Songwriter/Producer

Tell me about your SummerWorks show:

Animal Pharmacy: A Medicine Show is a musical satire of the pharmaceutical industry in the style of an old-time medicine show. It follows snake oil impresario Doc Holiday as he cons wealthy heiress Mildred Milligram into appointing him CEO of her company, RX Pharmaceutical Corporation, in order to unleash his Miracle Cure on a sad and unsuspecting world. Along the way we meet rock star burnout Dean Codeine, a burlesque Nurse, and a mime named Billy. Oh … and hilarity ensues.

Now do it as a Haiku:

What’s a haiku? Just kidding! But seriously … what’s a haiku?

What else are you looking forward to at the festival this year?

Finally sleeping … after it’s done.

The best thing about the Toronto theatre scene?

I’m new to the scene, actually. Up till now I’ve been more of an indie music guy, but everyone I’ve met in the theatre scene so far (mostly the cast, crew, and creative of the show) have been incredibly supportive, nice, and wonderful. So that’s the best thing so far.

The worst thing about the Toronto theatre scene?

No complaints so far.

A Hypothetical: A week before the municipal election, a strange parasite contaminates the Toronto drinking water system, turning the vast majority of citizens into narrow-minded zombie-boobs with a pathological hatred of streetcars, and Rob Ford is shockingly re-elected for another four year term. What is your artistic response?

God help us all if that should happen. Artist response? Pray hard for the rapture. So … maybe write and sing some gospel tunes to help bring it on.


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