Sketch Fest Preview Questionnaire: Parker and Seville

6 Mar

parker-sevilleWhat’s your name and what is the name of your sketch troupe?

My name is Dave Barclay, and with Matt Kowall we are Parker & Seville, Toronto’s tallest sketch duo.

If you had to pitch your act to a Hollywood producer as though it were a movie, your logline would be:

Two men run a scam on a Riverboat floating down the Mighty Mississippi, this fall on NBC’s Riverboat Rusedays.

What other troupes or workshops are you looking forward to seeing / attending this festival?

The Riverboat Gamblers, Des Moines’ sexiest Mark Twain impersonators. Also the Kids in the Hall do a live reading of SHOWBOAT! Is SHOWBOAT the one with OL’ MAN RIVER? Because I hope they give that one to Kevin McDonald!

The most common misconception about sketch comedy is:

It’s only performed on riverboats. NOT ANYMORE! GET WITH IT, AMERICA!

You are commissioned to write a sketch about Rob Ford and Justin Bieber trapped on a lifeboat adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What happens?

One of them gets caught in the big paddlewheel, but not the one you’d think! Oh, it says lifeboat.


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