Sketch Fest Preview Questionnaire: Jape

3 Mar

jape-637x360What’s your name and what is the name of your sketch troupe?

Eric Turk: Vice-President in charge of dick jokes for Jape

If you had to pitch your act to a Hollywood producer as though it were a movie, your logline would be:

Three Scots-Irishmen and a Jew send up pop culture, the routines of daily life, and obscure early 20th century literature in this marriage of high reference and low brow.

What other troupes or workshops are you looking forward to seeing / attending this festival?

I love Falcon Powder so I’ll be sure to catch their show! Other favourites include Fratwurst, Ladystache, Rulers of the Universe, Templeton Philharmonic, Vest of Friends, the Reception, and this year’s wild card troupe: Bitches Leave. I’m also a big fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft so if he’s doing a set, I’ll be there.

The most common misconception about sketch comedy is:

There are three.

1. That they are called “skits”. (They are “sketches” or “scenes”)
2. That your great idea for a sketch is actually a great idea for a sketch. (It’s not, dad)
3. It was the cause of the Punic Wars. (It was in fact both the cause of and solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis)

You are commissioned to write a sketch about Rob Ford and Justin Bieber trapped on a lifeboat adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What happens?

Bieber eats Ford.

You unilaterally decide to include your own self-composed question for a survey about sketch comedy without being asked to do so by the website editor. What is that question?

See above.

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