Sketch Fest Preview Questionnaire: Fratwurst

4 Mar

marquee-fratwurst-637x329What are your names and what is the name of your sketch troupe?

Eric Miinch, Evan Arppe and Josh Murray. Our sketch troupe is Fratwurst.

If you had to pitch your act to a Hollywood producer as though it were a movie, your logline would be:

Everyone’s second favourite sketch troupe is about to make it big, but not big enough that they make any money. We’re like 3 Willy Lomans, but without the suicide.

What other troupes or workshops are you looking forward to seeing / attending this festival?

We’re definitely going to see the Kids in the Hall read Brain Candy, Irrelevant Show and The Slings and Arrows Panel. Charles, Cupid Players, Ladystache, Ned and Dave, She Said What, The Reception, Tony Ho. Too many to list.

The most common misconception about sketch comedy is:

That it is stand up comedy.

That it’s just adults playing make believe.

That it is a profitable venture.

You are commissioned to write a sketch about Rob Ford and Justin Bieber trapped on a lifeboat adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What happens?

Doug saves them before Rob eats Justin. Then Doug and Rob both eat Justin. They blame the lifeboat.


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