Sketch Fest Preview Questionnaire: Falcon Powder

6 Mar

FalconPowder_CMYK1-637x360What’s your name and what is the name of your sketch troupe?

Jim Annan, Falcon Powder

If you had to pitch your act to a Hollywood producer as though it were a movie, your logline would be:

Everything explodes!

What other troupes or workshops are you looking forward to seeing / attending this festival?

This year is stacked and I don’t know if I’ll get to see all of these but I would love to check out The Templeton Philharmonic, Peter ‘N Chris, NTOW, The Weaker Vessels, Ladystache and The Kids In The Hall reading Brain Candy.

The most common misconception about sketch comedy is:

That it is comprised of short scenes, usually 1 to 7 minutes in length, performed by comedic actors for the stage or screen.

You are commissioned to write a sketch about Rob Ford and Justin Bieber trapped on a lifeboat adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What happens?

Everything explodes!


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