Summerworks Preview: Wild Dogs on Moscow Trains

8 Aug

WDotMT Victor ImageYour Name: Anthony MacMahon

Your Role: Writer/Producer

Tell me about your Summerworks show:

Wild Dogs on the Moscow Trains is a new play set against the backdrop of the Moscow riots. Three young Russians grapple with political freedoms and flesh eating drugs in a world where animals are becoming human and humans behave like animals.

Now do it as a Haiku:

Three Russian roommates
Bleeding, stripping, and needles
Existential pain

What else are you looking forward to at Summerworks?

The Art of Building a Bunker, Tender Napalm, Final Savage Land

I think the biggest challenge or issue facing independent theatre artists today is…

The eternal struggle of cooperating with your peers in the industry and competing for the same small audience.

You have been commissioned to write a musical about Rob Ford, but cannot use his name in the title for fear of litigious retribution. What do you title your show?

The Lord Bob Beer Store Cabaret, where our glorious leader wears cute summer dresses and sings about socialist issues.

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