Summerworks Preview: Midway Along The Journey of our Life

8 Aug

MidwayAlong5x8Your Name: Daniele Bartolini

Your Role: Director, Creator

Tell me about your Summerworks show:

This show is designed for one audience member at a time where they are lead through the alleyways of Toronto and interact with different characters. Every audience member has a completely unique experience.

Now do it as a haiku:

I found myself lost
All around me were strangers
Through them I found home

What else are you looking forward to at Summerworks? 

The Art of Building a Bunker, How can I Forget?, Show and Tell Alexander Bell.I think the biggest challenge or issue facing independent theatre artists today isā€¦

Building up your own audience, and being able to develop an artisctic dialogue with them.You have been commissioned to write a musical about Rob Ford, but cannot use his name in the title for fear of litigious retribution. What do you title your show?

As an Italian I would call it: The blondeĀ Berlusconi.

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