Summerworks Preview: Enough Rope

9 Aug

We’ve invited some of this years participating companies to submit mini-questionnaires to both pitch their shows, and offer up some creative insights. Here is our first response from the fine folks behind Enough Rope.

Michael Bradley, Tosha Doiron, Nicole St. Martin and Zoe Sweet – Creators and Performers   We created the show collectively so we thought we’d answer your questions the same way. Here are some of our thoughts.Tell me about your Summerworks show in 100ish words or less:

Inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka and Ilse Aichinger, four performers set out to tear apart their art and their egos. In an intimate encounter between audience and performers, we raise questions through a series of abstracted parables. Can art exist in a vacuum? Does what we MEAN to say matter? What do you mean to see? What is art compared to the cares of everyday life?Now do it as a Haiku:

Hay strewn and eaten
Audience is instrument
Crash symbols play for no oneWhat else are you looking forward to at Summerworks?

“Seeing unfamiliar artists’ work!”
“I am looking forward to so many shows where the audience is a part of the experience. I am looking forward to a renaissance of live art in a world of video on demand”
The shows: “Shutzen, Camilla’s Bones, Family Stories, How to Disappear Completely, Hammer, How Can I Forget, Field Guide and more!”I think the biggest challenge or issue facing independent theatre artists today is…

Our own sense of needing to cater, to please, to fit in. Fuck that!You have been commissioned to write a musical about Rob Ford, but cannot use his name in the title for fear of litigious retribution. What do you title your show?

Bob O’Car Varrrrrooooom! or  Car Wars 2: A Crack in the Pavement

Photo Credit: Michael De Sadeleer


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