Fringe Preview: [ZED.TO] ByoLogyc

4 Jul

Your Name:

Trevor Haldenby (one co-founder of five at The Mission Business)

Your Fringe Show:

[ZED.TO] ByoLogyc: Where You Become New

Your Role (writer / director / cast member, etc):

Futurist, and Co-Creator with David Fono, Martha Haldenby, Byron Laviolette, and Elenna Mosoff.

Tell me about your Fringe show in 75 words or less:

Join ByoLogyc’s Versatile Intern Program, and get ready for a twelve-day celebration of innovation during the Toronto Fringe. While ByoRenew, ByoLogyc’s newest and most futuristic healthcare service, is unveiled see what you can learn about what’s really going on behind closed doors…

Okay, now do it as a haiku:

The future is now
Mouths swabbed on escape
Where you become new

Your favourite Fringe Festival memory (Toronto or elsewhere):

Last night, standing in line waiting to get into the Fringe Club, and realizing that the young woman controlling flow at the door was the original creator of ByoLogyc’s jingle music. It’s a small world, after all.

Fill in the blank: “______: The Musical”

Future Shock: The Musical!

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