Fringe Preview: Vic Harbour

4 Jul

Your Name:

Andrew Gaboury

Your Fringe Show:

Vic Harbour by Peter Counter

Your Role (writer / director / cast member, etc):


Tell me about your Fringe show in 75 words or less:

Jimmy Jones and Alice Shelley must confront their own personal demons, while navigating a town haunted by ghosts, plagued by drugs, and frozen in isolation from the rest of the world. Under the guidance of Frank, the old lighthouse operator, they hope to change the town that imprisons them, or escape before they are forgotten like the rest of Vic Harbour.

Okay, now do it as a haiku: 

A ghost haunts the town
The lighthouse stands, flames burning
Two kids search for hope 

Your favourite Fringe Festival memory (Toronto or elsewhere):

There is an energy in the air. I don’t feel it any other time other than during Fringe. It’s palpable; I imagine it waving its way through the air, connecting one person to the next. It’s an energy of pure excitement, of pure creation. Everyone is talking about theatre, and you know it. That. That is what I think of when I think of the Fringe.

Fill in the blank: “______: The Musical”

“David J. Phillips: The Musical”

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