Fringe Preview: Tick

4 Jul

Your Name:

Jajube Mandiela

Your Fringe Show:


Your Role (writer / director / cast member, etc):


Tell me about your Fringe show in 75 words or less:

Ten-year-old Tickailia ‘Tick’ Summers is convinced that city council’s cost saving measures amount to a war on kids. When her local library is about to be closed, Tick leads a revolution against adult rule!

This comedy has laughs for everyone: gags, wordplay, physical comedy, pop culture references, and serious drama mixed in to make this story soar!

TICK‘s sharp and witty writing will enthral adults & teens, while 8-12 year olds will love the fast-pace!

Okay, now do it as a haiku:

four ten year olds fight
library must not be closed
comedy you’ll like!

Your favourite Fringe Festival memory (Toronto or elsewhere):

Doing a photo-shoot in an abandoned lot next to my 2010 venue for the show SIA; we were “top of the heap” on the cover of Eye Weekly.

Fill in the blank:

10-year-old revolutionaries: The Musical”

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