Fringe Preview: Soulo & snug harbor

4 Jul

Your Name:

Tracey Erin Smith

Your Fringe Show:

snug harbor & SOULO

Your Role (writer / director / cast member, etc):

Writer/Actor/Producer/Director  (2 shows)

Tell me about your Fringe show in 75 words or less:

snug harbor:

Tracey & her Dad did everything together.
Canoed, partied, volunteered.
After an unspeakable magic trick,
he disappears.



A magical soul-circus starring three Queer identified.

A sparkly funny-boy turned guardian angel, a Gorge-ganic Queen who devours convention & poops glitter, Terry the Fairy saved by applause & a sexy female dragon tamer as their Ring Master. There ‘s only one thing better than running off and joining the circus…starting your own!  It does get better.  But it doesn’t get better than this.

Okay, now do it as a haiku (Actual Haiku from the show!):

Neil Diamond Concerts,
Camping and chocolate pudding,
Lost a part of me.

Your favourite Fringe Festival memory (Toronto or elsewhere):

When two Rabbi’s wives walked out of a performance of my show, “The Burning Bush!”  I knew this about them because in the talk-back after their friends, who stayed, told on them!

Fill in the blank:

“Suicide Support Group : The Musical”

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