Fringe Preview: 21 Days

4 Jul

Your Name:

Alexandra Mealia

Your Fringe Show:

21 Days

Your Role (writer / director / cast member, etc):

Cast Member (I play Dorothy, Julie’s best friend/coworker)

Tell me about your Fringe show in 75 words or less:

Julie will only ever live 21 days that are truly extraordinary. Things get complicated when Ben offers her a chance at true love. On the strictest of all time schedules, Julie must choose whether to truly live or merely stay alive before her numbered days are up. In this fantastical original musical, follow Julie on her journey as she learns about love, time, and the timing of love.

Okay, now do it as a haiku:

21 days to truly live
Life of happiness or slow death?
Love conquers all

Your favourite Fringe Festival memory (Toronto or elsewhere):

The Beer Tent of course! It’s a fantastic way to meet other ‘Fringers’ and to relax during the festival. I absolutely LOVE the St-Ambroise Apricot beer which is another reason why I go there!!

Fill in the blank: “21 Days: The Musical” (of course!)

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