Fringe Picks: Part 2

12 Jul

With the final weekend of the Fringe just around the corner, here are some more picks for the last days of the festival:

Help Yourself: Winner of the New Play Contest, Kat Sandler’s taught, compelling, and often laugh-out-loud funny piece on human morality features dynamic dialogue, dangerous humour, well-honed characters, and a storyline that has left audiences reeling. Pitch-perfect performances from Tosha Doiron, Daniel Pagett, and Tim Walker only serve to bolster what is already one of this year’s most clever shows.

Dirty Butterfly: An intentionally ambiguous and fragmented script touching on themes of physical abuse is tackled with great success by the talented team of director Jack Grinhaus (whose other work in the festival, Release the Stars is also getting a lot of buzz) and cast members Kaleb Alexander, Lauren Brotman, and Cherissa Richards. Precise performances and simple yet devastating visuals make for a challenging viewing experience – and that is meant in the best way possible.

TICK: High energy, colourful, and charmingly subversive, this Fringe gem is a bucket of fun. The show centres around Tick (played by the always delightful Jessica Moss), a headstrong ten year old whose answer to the planned closure of her local library is all out war on the adult world. The spirit of both revolution and childhood are captured perfectly by playwright Matthew MacKenzie (who also wrote the outstanding The Particulars and in General), making this truly a show for children of all ages.

Sundance: At 40 minutes, this surreal wild west show-down laced with contemporary philosophy is one of the shorter pieces at this year’s festival¬† – but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your money’s worth. It’s an intelligent, if unexpected, blending of contrasting form and content done justice by a solid creative team. Jason Siks gets special mention for his role as Sundance, a nihilistic and automaton-like gunslinger whose chilling deadpan leaves the audience thoroughly creeped-out.

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