Interview with Shak Haq – Director of UC Follies’ ‘Tommy’

7 Feb

Popular musical theatre can, at its least interesting, be a pleasant but doughy experience (I’m looking at you Mamma Mia). Thank goodness for outside-of-the-box hits like Hair, The Rocky Horror Show, Avenue Q, Sweeny Todd, and of course, Tommy.

This psychedelic work, based on the concept album of the same name by legendary band The Who, was one of the first to marry the electric world of rock and roll with the footlights of Broadway – ultimately paving the way for the now pervasive jukebox musical, and subsequent rock opera hits like Green Day’s American Idiot.

Multi-disciplinarian Shak Haq is at the helm of the UC Follies’ (one of U of T’s oldest dramatic societies) production¬† of Tommy, now playing at the Hart House theatre. Have a listen to our conversation below.

For tickets and more information, head over here.

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